In about us page, we provide every basic science-related information from my website to Internet users. In addition to the English language, Urdu language articles have been put in the scienso news. So that the Internet users who do not know English get benefit from this website. The best material is inserted in the Scienso News so that the Internet users have some better information.

Content details in the Scienso News are as follows:



In about us page, Islam-based daily information will be provided in the Scienso News. Every day, information about the Quran and Hadith will be provided in the scienso news. Apart from this, Islamic statements, religious issues and their solutions are available in the Scienso news.


Environment-related information is placed in the Scienso News. How does environmental pollution increase and how it can be controlled? What are the reasons for increasing environmental pollution? Environmental pollution damages and their solutions are available in the Scienso news. You will also be informed about the latest environmental updates.

Learn English:

If you can not speak English or understand, you do not have to worry. With the help of Scienso News, you can completely learn English. Translation of Urdu in English, correction of English grammar mistakes.


You will be aware of the latest updates about the finance related issues by the Scienso news. The annual schedule of the prize bond, the date of the lucky draw and list of the prize bond and all the latest information about the stock exchange is placed momentarily. The latest updates of goods prices in national and international markets are also included in the Scienso News.


In today’s, nations or countries cannot be developed without technology. Such as mobile technology, computer technology, spy technology, medical technology, and many technology-related fields provides the latest updates in Scienso news.

Interesting knowledge:

All the interesting information are provided to you in the Scienso News, Which increases your information and thoughts within the human, which created opportunities to move forward.


Many courses have been introduced in the Scienso News. Which is described in detail. The Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Broadcasting, Website Making, YouTube Making Channel and Video editing. There are ways to make money from the internet and many courses have been included.

Our efforts are to make important information conveyed to people who are essential and useful for the Internet user. If we make a mistake in editing the news in the scienso news, please let us know. If there is any kind of question that is for the site improvement, then you can guide.