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The term applies to land areas which are less than 254 mm (10 inches) of annual rainfall, which has a higher average temperature of temperatures, and in most cases, there is a high average temperature. Due to lack of moisture and moisture in the environment and moisture, most of the sunlight enters the ground. The temperature of the day can reach 55 g (131 F) in the shade. At night, the desert floor radiates the heat back into the atmosphere, and temperatures can reach close to frozen temperatures.


Populations are due to a combination of climate patterns and geographical features.


Wind System:


Maximum desert areas have been made by the movements of the masses during the planet. As the earth changes its axis, it moves very big. The hot wind moves towards the rising north and south of equality; the holes cool in the upper areas and the drainage areas as high-pressure areas in two sub-tropical zones. There are two more areas in the north and south of these areas and air pressure and low pressure. There are still two rows in the north and south of the north. Like air, it loses cool and loses its moisture. As it descends, its fight fights and raises moisture makes it dry from the earth.


People under the hot air on the earth create each other at the bottom of two belts, with cancer storms, in a northern twilight, and with track butter in south-deep golf. Among the northern desert, Gabbi is the testimony of Arab and Iranian guardians in China, North America of North America, the desert of North America and the Middle East. South Africa is located in Argentine’s Kalahari Desert, South Africa and Great Victoria and the Great Sandy Desert in Australia.


The result of the impact of Washington on the beach in other desert areas. As old water moves from the Antarctic regions towards the Arctic and Lecturer and comes in touch with the continents, they are increasingly deepened by the ocean deep-upwelling. Air temperatures cool as cold as cold water. They take fog and fog but little rain. In this regard, South California flows across the coastal areas of California, South Africa, and Chile. Although often friction in the fog, these are straw.


Creating the Earth:


The rain shadow creates the mountain ranges on the development of the mountains. As the moisture is spread over the clouds, the cloud is spread over the clouds. They cool and find moisture in the form of rain and ice. The moisture detects moisturizing dust on the fields of fields. Rainshadow results from a deserted desert in North America, Sierra Nevada.


Some areas of the continent have become other desert areas because the current wind has been removed from large bodies of water and has lost more moistures than their arrival in these areas. Such graves are Gabois and Turkey Eurasia.


Desert landscape, wind and parcel water. When the rain falls in the desert, the soil unfolded by the plants is easily damaged. The edges called Arrors, where the water descends from the mountains. From curved peaks of more resistant rocks, wheat adds large locks to fan fans, says Budadas. These shields create fewer basins on the surface called sports. During unusual rain, filling with basin water. The rainwater then leaves behind the surface, a layer of shiny sprinkle salt. Such salt lakes are a common feature of some bears. In the Great Salt Lake of Utah, some internal flavours flow from fresh water, preaching is never completed, but it is sufficient to pay attention to the salt in the lake water.


Due to the maximum collapsed conditions. People of the hot air created along with two desert belts, one cancer tray as well as the other tracks. To deal with the effects of ocean obligations of the other desert, on earth, where cool and fog takes the people of cool air, but there is a slight rain with coastal areas.


The winds are literally spread out in an extraordinary size and also make a pair of nights. Sand prints are common features of all the princesses like Sahara and North American desert parts. Sand-embedded Sahara can reach 200 meters (650 feet) high in Arabic and Iranian citizenship. In the trees where the current wind is strong and the sand is relatively low. As per the Peru coast hills, the poles can be taken to regular Kyrgyz shapes that run continuously on the desert floor. Winds blowing in the same direction can result in long-term fixed-rails, or they can form a shape in the area where the wind is moving in all directions.






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