Email Marketing 2019 secrets

Email Marketing 2019 secrets

I am going to show all my best email marketing 2019 secrets and we are starting right now if you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine I’ll show you all my best tips tactics and secrets to get there let us dive in.

                It’s a new report show that for every dollar a company spends on email marketing they make about forty-four dollars in return which makes that just incredibly profitable marketing tools, as with any marketing channel you know things change and shift over time.

Now in Email Marketing 2019 secrets we discuss, things that worked last year done necessarily work this year so in this article I’m gonna give you my three best tips of things that are working like crazy right now in 2019 to really help you keep that relationship alive over the course of someone deciding to get on your list before actually becoming a paying customer.

Simpler Email or No Design:

Hopefully, these tips are going to speed up that process for you alright cool so the first thing I want to talk about is simpler email (NO) design. So every time I am putting together a new email funnel for a new client I start getting an email from them of like little screen grabs or email forwards from big companies like you know Express or Sephora.

They say why we don’t do something like this and I get it those really designed heavy emails look really cool and they look great in the inbox. Of course, you would want something like for your business and almost every email provider out there even the cheap ones they come with obvious templates built right into the software itself.

Now in Email Marketing 2019 secrets we discuss, So why not actually use those templates well it’s really simple because they look like one big fat commercial when they hit your inbox you know let’s think for a second about what email is actually primarily supposed to be used for you.

You Know It’s communicating with family and friends and sure yeah you use it for work as well but you know when’s the last time you sent an email to a friend that looked like this the whole idea here is to casually slip into your customers inbox as a friend or at least as a helpful person that they can trust that’s not going to sell to them but going to help guide them in the direction they want to go.

So I just recommend doing what successful internet marketers have already been doing and that’s just sending out boring and old plain text emails. I am only kidding when I say boring I mean It sounds boring but these emails are much more likely to be read because they just look like a genuine email.

You would get from your friend or your neighbour or your family member and the other reason to ditch those template emails is that all the images inside and the links are the best way to make sure that you never reach your customer’s inbox. You know that little promotions tab in Gmail.

You don’t want to end up that okay you want to end up in the actual inbox where you belong, so let’s try to keep those images and links in the email to a minimum I recommend no more than a single link per email and preferably no images at all.

Now in Email Marketing 2019 secrets we discuss, if you have to use one if it adds some colour or add something special to the message of the email go ahead and do one but limit it to that, one way I like to add an image to an email is not by adding a product image or anything promotional but just some kind of an animated gif that either support one of the points of the email.

Or just add some humour or fun to it so it’s a little more memorable just choose it wisely you know your audience. You know what they are gonna find funny most likely so just make sure it hits home with them and they get the reference all right.

Story-Telling Email:         

Now in Email Marketing 2019 secrets we discuss, I want to talk about storytelling in your email so this is something that I want to improve this year and something I definitely want to start incorporating into my overall email marketing strategy.

So rather than just delivering a tip or advice in the email make it count for more by including a really short story that illustrates that point there are whole parts of your brain that just light up and fire off when it hears a good story plus it makes it.

Just more relatable and personal especially if you’re talking about something in your own past or a current or past customer so rather than just explaining how your clients can stage their home to sell faster may include a story about a past.

A past client who refused to do that and then the house sat on the market for a long time until she finally gave in and did and then sold her house for $10,000 above asking price and make this story colourful when you can know clewed how you were feeling watching that all that happen and then how she felt when she finally sold her house all right.

Incorporating Video:

Next is incorporating video in 2019 injury emails and not only put a video in your emails but say so write in the subject line that going to double your open rates the other benefit is people are much more likely to actually consume your content and get the message.

You are trying to send them in a video format versus reading plain text and almost everybody is much more able to you know understand and retain that information when they are seeing it and hearing it in a video just take whatever content you were going to put in your email.

Now in Email Marketing 2019 secrets we discuss,

And just make a short video about it. It doesn’t even have to be high production value that trips a lot of people up thinking they have to get a whole camera crew and spend hundreds of dollars on a video. You 100% don’t just use your smartphone do a short selfie style video. It’ll connect just fine and you get your point across then finally you just upload it to YouTube and get a little screen capture of the thumbnail of that and put that image right in your email and then line it to the video.

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